Interview by Carol Wright | Photographer: Jason Benson

We got to chat with up and coming actress Liliana Inouye about starring in the new Apple TV+ series Amber Brown, creating a genuine bond with her co-star Carsyn Rose, and her advice for aspiring actors.

Do you think that being raised in different places, growing up, and adapting to new environments is what led to your interest in acting and having a career that lets you embody different types of people? 

I’ve always loved performing and being in the spotlight since I was little, but I definitely think that being exposed to different cultures and environments has helped me grow as an actress and embody different character traits more naturally.

In Amber Brown, you play Brandi. Are there similarities between you and your character?

Brandi and I are very similar. We’re both fun and quirky and extroverted and mischievous. We both love crystals and have an eclectic sense of style. Brandi has a way of turning everything around into something positive and fun.

Brandi becomes a friend to Amber as she’s navigating a tough time. Did you and your co-star Carsyn spend a lot of time together off-screen to create a genuine bond that would show on-screen?

Oh yeah! Carsyn and I were inseparable. We met at the hotel pool (we were both staying at the same hotel during the filming of season 1), and by the time we arrived on our first day on set, we were already best friends! We had our own special handshake that we’d do before each scene! While we were in Utah filming, we were always together, whether on or offset. We’d have dinners and sleepovers and go on day trips together. It was so much fun. 

What do you hope viewers take away after watching the series?

I’m really excited for people to see the friendship between Amber and Brandi. They’re so different in so many ways but they always have each other’s back. Amber helps Brandi think of things more deeply and Brandi helps Amber lighten up and have more fun. 

I hope people see that while changes in life can be hard, they don’t have to be terrible. You can navigate hard times and still have fun when you have people who care in your life and who help you look at things in a different way. 

I also really hope my character Brandi inspires kids to feel good about what makes them different and unique and to be happy and proud of what makes them, them, without trying to be someone they’re not. Because the right people will like you for who you are.

You are currently learning Japanese, Thai, and French. Do you hope to incorporate the different languages you speak into your acting career one day?
Yes! It would be so much fun to be in a Thai commercial or movie! 

What advice do you have for aspiring actors?

Just be yourself because no one can be better than you! Keep auditioning and give every audition your all because “you never know!”