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NYOTA’s March issue

The Digital Issue

Keara Sullivan did not start posting on TikTok to go viral, but her specific and unique bits resonated with users, and she soon found herself amassing a loyal following. Sullivan talked to NYOTA about her comedy inspirations, using her Notes app to brainstorm and trusting her instincts.

This year’s Digital Issue features content creators, influencers, and creatives who are amassing followers online through their authenticity and originality. The NYOTA team hopes this issue gives you new creatives to follow and encourages you to pick up the phone and create your own content.

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NYOTA from its inception has focused on featuring emerging stars in music, fashion, and culture that we believe should be on your radar. Our Star Power issues will give you a more in-depth look at an emerging star’s life and introduce you to other young people doing amazing things in their respective fields. Check out our two most recent issues below. 


We got to chat with singer/songwriter Carminho about bringing fado to the screen, watching Emma Stone work, and her advice for aspiring musicians.

Bryanna Samuels

We got to chat with Bryanna Samuels about designers that inspire her, the Good Rapport customer, and her advice for others who want to pursue entrepreneurship.

Kayden Muller-Janssen

We got to chat with actor Kayden Muller-Janssen about her EP Unraveled, Season 2 of The Villains of Valley View, and her advice for aspiring actors.

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