Interview by Carol Wright

We got to chat with Cate and Lalia about creating LATE Clothing LA and their favorite pieces in the collection.

Before creating LATE both of you had exposure to fashion and the entertainment industry. Tell our readers a bit about your backgrounds and how that has influenced you creating a clothing brand.

Cate: My dad is the owner of an LA based clothing line so I have always been around the fashion industry.  My aunt is an Emmy Award winning costume designer, so I’ve been on set with her and have gotten to see this side of fashion too.

Lalia: I started acting in commercials around 5 years old. Then a couple years ago I was cast as Young Andy on ABC’s Station 19.  I love going to fittings and seeing how they can easily change the look of an entire outfit with a couple tweaks.

With LATE you two have complete creative control. What usually inspires the designs and clothing created for LATE?

Cate & Lalia: We don’t have complete control, BUT we come together with our ideas and make them happen! Our parents help us carry out our ideas. Our inspiration comes from walking around LA, going to the beach and of course TikToks! We have so many ideas that we have already planned out our summer, fall and winter lines.

LATE ended up being officially created after a tragic accident but it seems as though you two have turned a sad situation into a positive one. Tell us a bit about LATE’s connection to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles-Rehab Department.

Cate & Lalia: Lalia was transferred to the rehab department at CHLA 19 days after her accident.  Even though Cate wasn’t allowed to go into the hospital, it’s almost like she was there.  The girls talked on the phone every day and Cate was introduced to doctors and nurses over Facetime calls. CHLA’s dedication to rehabilitating patients should be given to anyone who’s been in an accident.  The donations from LATE aren’t going to build a second wing, but we’re hoping it will at least help get a couple more kids through the doors each year. The nurses, doctors and staff at CHLA are the inspiration behind Lalia’s remarkable recovery!

On top of things, the world seemingly shut down due to COVID. Has working on LATE helped you through the pandemic?

Cate & Lalia: Yes! We were so bored at first, then our families decided to quarantine together. We started tie dying outfits and recreating some of Cate’s dad’s overstock and samples.  We would cut, paint and add appliques, to make it our own.  We would wear the outfits in our TikTok posts and people loved them.  After that, we decided to go for it.

LATE officially launches on mother’s day. Do you have a favorite piece in the collection?

Lalia: I have two-the Perez tee, because I love Paramedic Jose Perez so much and it’s a staple item that can go with any outfit.  I’m also obsessed with the Liz splatter paint sweatshirt because of the bright colors.

Cate: I love the Chloe top with the Tina shorts.  It’s comfy and cute.  You can lounge around in it or you can wear the outfit to the mall. The daisy detail brings some pop!  The Station 97 hooded jacket is also one of my favorites. You can wear it with anything.  The soft sweatshirt body makes it cozy and the denim sleeves makes it stylish.  

What advice do you have for other young girls who want to start a business?

Lalia: Come up with a plan and make it original! Do it with your best friend! Now when we hang out we’re actually making our own clothing line that will help children!

Cate: Make sure you love what you are doing. Don’t let anyone discourage you.  Follow your dream and give it all you can.