Interview by Carol Wright | Photographer: Noah Hellman

We got to chat with musician Pepper Lewis about her musical inspirations, pulling from her own life experiences to create songs, and her new single “Same Stuff.” Check out the song below and get ready for her debut EP She Told Me To Sing My Heart Out which will be out on December 3rd.

Has music always been your go-to creative outlet?

Yes, absolutely. I’m either making music or listening to music. It’s my way of processing my emotions too – kind of like working on a puzzle. 

Who are some of your musical inspirations?

Bruce Springsteen, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Mac Miller, and Amy… Don’t even need to say her last name cause she’s THAT legendary. 

Tell our readers about “Planetarium.” What story are you trying to tell through the song?

What I’m trying to say through the lyrics of “Planetarium” is that I REALLY want to be able to let my guard down and get to know a guy and enjoy the night, but my track record with relationships doesn’t let me do that. I’m working on it.

You pull from your own life when writing songs. Is songwriting cathartic for you?

Songwriting is how I figure things out about myself, process emotion, and it’s the only thing I know how to do at the end of the day to blow off steam. It’s very therapeutic, like writing in a diary.

“Same Stuff” touches on mental health and more specifically taking care of your mental health. Do you hope the song can be a part of a larger conversation?

For sure. I wrote it to cope with the depressive state I was in, but the ultimate goal is that hopefully writing about it helps someone feel understood.

What advice do you have for aspiring musicians?

My advice for aspiring musicians would be to learn from your favorite musician’s influences and take the weekends off to keep your work ethic and energy sharp.