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The Art is Life Issue

Our June ‘Art is Life’ issue is here! We’re excited to be releasing another one of these issues with a special cover designed by artist, Carolyn Knapp. We hope you enjoy reading and have your creative side sparked.

We’re excited to have singer/songwriter Sarah Kinsley on the cover. An artist who has been on everyone’s radar after releasing her EP The King. Stay safe out there and enjoy reading!





Nyota from its inception has focused on featuring emerging stars in music, fashion, and culture that we believe should be on your radar. Our Star Power issues will give you a more in-depth look at an emerging star’s life and introduce you to other young people doing amazing things in their respective fields. Check out our two most recent issues below. 

Nana M. Rose

We got to chat with singer/songwriter Nana M. Rose about her EP Morning Drops & Lemon Seeds and what advice she has for aspiring singers.

Sonali Karmarkar

We got to chat with Sonali Karmarkar, founder of Soieli, about why she created the brand and how her business background has helped her.

Violet McGraw

We got to chat with actress Violet McGraw who plays young Yelena Belova in the highly-anticipated film Black Widow about working on her character with Florence Pugh and her advice for aspiring actors.

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