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Niki Koss

Actress, Director, Producer. 

We’re excited to have Niki Koss grace our second ever digital cover that has a special Bond theme. She is an actress, director, and producer who has not allowed the pandemic to slow her down. She was on the Forbes 30 under 30 list, she got to sit in the Director’s chair for the first time for the film Night Night, and she can currently be seen in the film Dreamcatcher. Koss talked to us about what sparked her interest in acting and starting her own production company.

Enjoy reading and as always we hope you’re inspired to go after your dreams!

Current Issue

The Digital Issue

Our inaugural ‘Digital Issue’ is here! We are a year into a global pandemic which feels surreal to be able to say. Throughout this time, our Editor in Chief like so many others has been online more than ever before. This led to the idea of a ‘Digital Issue’ focused on influencers, content creators, and digital changemakers.

Thanks to YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, streaming services, and other social media platforms we have all been entertained by seeing the world through other people’s lives. Every vlog and day in my life reel has served as a welcome escape during a time when an exciting day is a trip to the grocery store. As vaccine rollouts start to happen across the world and hope is on the horizon. Here at NYOTA, we’re sure you will continue to find solace and community on online platforms.

We’re excited to have YouTuber Ava Jules on the cover as she is truly a bright light in the YouTube space. Stay safe out there and enjoy reading!





Nyota from its inception has focused on featuring emerging stars in music, fashion, and culture that we believe should be on your radar. Our Star Power issues will give you a more in-depth look at an emerging star’s life and introduce you to other young people doing amazing things in their respective fields. Check out our two most recent issues below. 

Callie Reiff

We got to chat with DJ Callie Reiff about exploring a new sound in her song “Crash Into Me” and how she is virtually staying connected to listeners during the pandemic.

Keyondra and Kim Lockett

We got to chat with Keyondra and Kim Lockett, creators of the online shop Jolie Noire. They talked to NYOTA about their favorite item in the shop and what inspired them to start it. 

Alma Grace

We got to chat with singer/songwriter Alma Grace about her song “Girl Fight” and how Frida Kahlo inspired the songs on her EP.

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