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nyota’s march issue

The Digital Issue

Michael Le is a content creator, entrepreneur, and professional dancer who has carved out a unique space in a crowded influencer ecosystem. With over 52 million followers across platforms and over 1 billion likes on TikTok, he has become a creator that can guarantee engagement and views. In our third Digital Issue, Le talked to NYOTA about creating authentic content, trend surfing, and his company Joystick.







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Eva Ariel Binder

Acting is in her blood, so it is no surprise that Eva Ariel Binder booked commercials and a coveted role in Grey’s Anatomy as a little kid. Now, she plays Shay in the heart-wrenching series Dear Edward on Apple TV+ based on the novel by Ann Napolitano.

Binder talked to NYOTA about working with Colin O’Brien, releasing heavy moments after filming and writing feature films.








NYOTA from its inception has focused on featuring emerging stars in music, fashion, and culture that we believe should be on your radar. Our Star Power issues will give you a more in-depth look at an emerging star’s life and introduce you to other young people doing amazing things in their respective fields. Check out our two most recent issues below. 

Izzy Mahoubi

We got to chat with singer/songwriter Izzy Mahoubi about her song, “Torn In Two,” creating the music video, and her advice for aspiring singers.

Malik McIntyre

We got to chat with designer Malik McIntyre about what got him interested in fashion, working on collections on his days off and creating pieces so unique that people won’t be able to get them anywhere else.

Jayden McGinley

We got to chat with actor Jayden McGinley about what draws him to roles, his passion for music, and working on the film Children of the Corn.

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